further thoughts on a residency…

If only art could be dangerous – an incitement to thinking.
Exiled from the city for encouraging left-field thinking.

Now I’m travelling on a train, going through a tunnel through the Pennines. My seat faces the wrong way and I am pulled into the darkness behind me.
The window reflects my image back to me – the slight blurring of a double glaze. The sound changes register, a dulling thud in the ears.

I left my city shrouded in thick, damp fog and emerge through the tunnel into weak sunshine.

Maybe this work now is on doubt. Or refusal. Or failure.
If I were to speak about it, I would speak in its absence. On the expectations of some kind of object. On the expectation that it will be there for you, permanently, not answering back.

And yet…there is an absence – it happened while you weren’t looking. See. Here are the photographs. Maybe this is all in my imagination. Maybe I’m not telling you the truth as I cannot say what that might be.

I could of course construct the story after the event.
Well, we all do that. To show/prove that we exist, otherwise it would all be nonsense.

Christine Arnold

About PlastiCités
Amanda Crawley Jackson lectures in French at the University of Sheffield (UK). She specialises in existentialist philosophy, urban spatialities and contemporary visual arts from France and the French-speaking world.

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