thoughts on a residency

Perhaps we could enter into a negotiation here

There is already so much art in the world that I felt the need to….
and there my pen ran out, and a statement is merely indented in the page
maybe you have to guess at its content.

I wrote that I wanted to remove something – but you have to make it first before you can get rid of it.
The nature of a practice, rather than proposing an “outcome” – what happens in the end – should there be one – is only another staging post along the way to an unknown destination – like “If on a Winter’s Night a Traveller”‘ it may throw you back to the beginning. Again again again.

There is no “truth” content here.
Art cannot give you that.

I am out to disturb.
I am willing dissent.
I am telling you the ‘object’ of art is a carrier, a bearer of your misperceptions.

Can one escape the will to categorise?

Christine Arnold

Christine Arnold, Walking Dreaming Thinking. A Book of Reflections (Liverpool, Bluecoat, 2010).

About PlastiCités
Amanda Crawley Jackson lectures in French at the University of Sheffield (UK). She specialises in existentialist philosophy, urban spatialities and contemporary visual arts from France and the French-speaking world.

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