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Reading Loop is taking a break!

Reading Loop is taking a break for the Easter holidays.
We’ll be back in a few weeks!
Watch this space for details of upcoming sessions.

Owen Hatherley talk – change of venue

Due to the numbers of people who would like to attend, Owen Hatherley’s talk (this Friday, 6.30pm) will now take place at Site Gallery.

The time and date remain the same.

For a location map and other information about Site Gallery, please visit

If you are coming on the train, Site Gallery is a two-minute walk. Simply leave the station, walk past the water feature, cross the main road and turn left onto Brown Street.

If you haven’t booked a place yet, please email

We look forward to seeing you on Friday!


images from a residency

Christine Arnold

Hondartza Fraga

We are pleased to announce that we are planning a project with Hondartza Fraga, a Sheffield-based Spanish artist.

Bearing Elsewhere (still), HD video, 2010

I am a visual artist, originally from Spain, based in the UK since 2005. I keep my practice active between the cities of Santander (northern Spain) and Sheffield. The common thread running through my work is individual and collective relation to the world around us; the different ‘distances’ between ourselves and everything else: spatial, temporal, emotional, cultural and imagined. The cultural exchange between home and homeland is implied – more or less unconsciously – in most of my work.
My work explores the relation of dependency between images, objects and the individual. I am interested in different image-making processes to explore the physical and emotional distance between opposites. I use different mediums in my practice, primarily drawing, photography and video.
My latest works revolve around the notion of loss, distance, journey, and the meaning of home. In my drawing, I am interested in using souvenirs and domestic objects to force a dialogue between the domestic and the remote, suggesting narrative and contradictions between seemingly unconnected subjects.

Hondartza Fraga

Owen Hatherley talk – change of time (but not date)

Owen Hatherley will now be speaking at 6.30pm on April 8th (not 4pm, as we had previously planned).

Apologies for this last minute change!

day 6

Christine Arnold’s residency in Garden Street

further thoughts on a residency…

If only art could be dangerous – an incitement to thinking.
Exiled from the city for encouraging left-field thinking.

Now I’m travelling on a train, going through a tunnel through the Pennines. My seat faces the wrong way and I am pulled into the darkness behind me.
The window reflects my image back to me – the slight blurring of a double glaze. The sound changes register, a dulling thud in the ears.

I left my city shrouded in thick, damp fog and emerge through the tunnel into weak sunshine.

Maybe this work now is on doubt. Or refusal. Or failure.
If I were to speak about it, I would speak in its absence. On the expectations of some kind of object. On the expectation that it will be there for you, permanently, not answering back.

And yet…there is an absence – it happened while you weren’t looking. See. Here are the photographs. Maybe this is all in my imagination. Maybe I’m not telling you the truth as I cannot say what that might be.

I could of course construct the story after the event.
Well, we all do that. To show/prove that we exist, otherwise it would all be nonsense.

Christine Arnold

Images from UPLM residency, 14/2 – 14/3 2011

Reading Loop 7, Wednesday 23rd March, 6pm

Reading Loop 7 will be led by Jaspar Joseph-Lester.

The texts are:

  • Owen Hatherley, ‘Fossils of Time Future: Bunkers and Buildings from the Atlantic Wall to the South Bank’, in Collapse, vol. 6 (January 2010), edited by Robin Mackay.
  • Clegg and Guttmann’s ‘Monument for Historical Change’, in Transmission Annual: Hospitality, eds. Michael Corris, Jaspar Joseph-Lester and Sharon Kivland, London: Artwords Press, 2010, pp. 64-77.
  • Bruno Latour, ‘From Realpolitik to Dingpolitik or How to Make Things Public’

    For pdfs of the texts, please email